Gentle Back Care

Noda Yoga

Saturday Mornings 8:15-9:30AM

(Open to all levels of experience)

My approach to teaching yoga is simple: I want students to connect to more of themselves and the spaces around them.  This is true for both adaptive and non-adaptive students.  I am not dogmatic about my personal practice and that’s reflected in my teaching methods.  Classes are often a combination of asana, pranayama, and other mind-body disciplines and movement modalities.  The outcome of a shape or movement is not as important as what the technique reveals about the mind body relationship.  As we put our bodies in different positions and move with intention, I want you to become curious about the sensations and spaces that your body and breath are uncovering.  Where is the resistance or relief?  Where is the ease or discomfort?  What places are off limits?  I simply wish to be the compass to your exploration.  My job is to safely lead you to places of possibility, get out of the way, and let you decide what, if anything, you wish to investigate.